23 Apr 2014


When the present faces the past, odder things can happen.

22 Apr 2014

Spring in green and pink

When the cherry trees in your street are mainly propagated by grafting procedures, you may come upon a tree with both pink and white cherry blossoms.

21 Apr 2014

Roasted Cauliflower with Parsley and an Orange juice-Vanilla dressing

Photograph Roasted Cauliflower salad with Vanilla-Orange dressing by Alessio Fangano on 500px

Roasted cauliflower is at its hype at the moment, but it is indeed a really versatile and deeply satisfying way of eating this creamy white vegetable.
By roasting it, you concentrate its natural sweetness enriching it with delicate earthy notes of caramelized bits.
In my Sicilianity, I couldn't help myself but dress it using fresh squeezed orange juice and a little garlic for that needed pungency. A strew of freshly chopped parsley can only enrich this salad with its deep grassy notes.

20 Apr 2014

Inside St George - Lyon

On the left bank of the Saone lies the church of St George. After a long history of devotion, power and destruction, this antique church was restored in the XIXth century as we see it today, in the neogothic style.